Meet Jennifer.


When I graduated in 1999, I had no idea what I wanted to do for a career.  I just knew I had to get a job.  There were so many careers I could have chosen; flight attendant (I even got a small scholarship to attend the hospitality school-I never went).  In 2002, while considering which colleges I should attend,  I even looked into Art School for Filmmaking.  In fact, somewhere amongst my old VHS tapes, you will find one labeled "unfinished project".  It was a short film I had made to submit with my application.  I never did apply.   In 2006, I studied to be a Medical Assistant (because I didn't think being a photographer was an actual job).  I did the vocational training for it and worked as one for a short bit in 2007, even did some X-Ray Tech training (because I loved taking pictures and playing with film).  I always loved working with cameras more than anything.  I carried one on me all the time because I loved capturing memories.   It wasn't until after having my first child in 2010, I realized it was all I ever really wanted to do.   I had realized my dream and I was ready to pursue it.  I launched my photography business in 2014 and have photographed hundreds of couples & families over the years.  I had no idea I could make a career out of doing what I love!    

Hi!  I'm Jennifer McCall!  I'm a believer, a dreamer and a go getter.   My husband & I have 3 adorable, crazy kiddos, 1 sweet little fur baby and a special needs brother who my husband and I take care of!  We moved here to Central Missouri in June 2018; all the way from Washington State.  It is quite a change, but I absolutely love it!   I love chocolate, music, a good book and binge watching shows on all streaming services.  And, I am highly addicted to peppermint mocha.  ☕☕

My style is Classic & Clean.  Colors are natural and true to life. No filters here!  I work with both studio & natural light to capture timeless, quality portraits you can hang on your wall for years to come.   I pride myself on quality service.  You deserve the very best service; which is why I take only a limited number of Sessions/Events per month so I can focus all of my attention on each client's needs.  You are everything to my business!  Without you, I wouldn’t have it.  ❤️

I would love to get to know YOU better so let's connect!  I look forward to meeting you!

Be sure to stop by my blog to see all of my most recent portraits & weddings.  Thanks for stopping by!